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Sssshhhhh…..the Gnomes Have Arrived

   Tiptoe quietly as you approach Flip Side Pillowcase.  The Gnomes have arrived and are waiting to join your family. 

These adorable gnomes were lovingly handcrafted  in Dayton and really want to go home with you.  Buy one or buy a family. There’s even a gnome sleeping bag that rolls up so that you can take them with you. These sleeping bags are made from pillowcases.

Dayton–Home of the Gnome

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If you skip on over to Elizabeth’z Delightz you will find another gnome accessory.

 Take a look below…

gnome home 3. small with gnomeJPG

Home Away from Home…Take a Gnome with You

When you travel with your parents, bring your gnome with you in this handmade, travelling gnome home pouch and look for special treasures . Gather some bark, leaves and pebbles and put them in the traveling home.  When you get back, you can build a home for your gnome.  Keep an eye out for more gnome accessories at The Webster Street Market!

Over the winter break, Flip Side Pillowcase has been busy sewing up a storm. Here is a sample of their lovely dresses on an equally lovely model.  The dresses do come in different sizes. Our 10 year old daughter can wear one as a tunic top. Come visit Flip Side Pillowcase on opening day, Saturday, May 11, 2013.

Keep it local !   Made in Ohio!      Buy local!

pillowcasedress girl


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